The sounds and elements of Komprezzor’s live sets are dark and dirty as if they had been extracted from a piece of literature by Edgar Alan Poe. Full of white noises and atmospheric riffs the percussive elements are extracted from classic drum machines; such as the legendary 808, 909, and 303 that slowly morph into a hypnotic rhythm. Komprezzor travels with his modular set up and the creativity flows from beginning to end, no presets or patterns are pre programmed before the machines are turned on, so in a way he is merely a medium or translator to the cry of the machines, multiple synth voices and drum machines interlacing into a one of a kind sound creating and stitching each element form scratch right on front of the audience eye’s, the result is a fully improvised Techno mayhem.

“Komprezzor is an experience not an act you must be present to feel the bass hitting your face and the kick ruining your inner equilibrium rather is a DJ set or a Live Pa, one thing is for sure last night will be a blur”.